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Do you have a young child struggling because they are
missing someone in their life?

Visit the websites shown here 
to help your child through their journey of loss.
Helping Kids Grieve - Sesame Street in Communities

Eluna Childhood Grief Resources


 “Hope it's a good thing maybe the best of things and a good thing never dies."  What is Grief Camp, as one of the families that has been so blessed by it, in its simplest form HOPE. A place for hope to take root for the journey of healing. Through this camp children and their families, just like ours, are given a strategic day of care and refreshment. It's like love and hope are being poured from a pitcher into your heart. It is safe haven to share, sometimes even without words - yet through the beautiful tools of nature, art, horses and music , refreshment and healing flow. This camp will be a mile marker in many lives of a sweet place for the hurting heart to find help, hope and healing.”


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