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We believe the role a mother plays in their child's life is of upmost importance. We value the role a mother plays in helping her child thrive.

If you are a young mother ( aged 15 - 24 ) and in need of therapeutic support or mental health support contact us to learn more about our small group sessions with other young moms to help you build skills that help you thrive, be healthy and nurture your child.


AT CFRF we come in agreement with Molina Healthcare that everything you need to stay healthy is close to home.

Molina Healthcare offers a Motherhood Matters, Pregnancy Rewards Program and other incentives for women's health services.

Visit their website here to learn more about they ways they can help you be healthy body, soul and spirit. 


CFRF is an advocate for the SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

"The SC Campaign was founded in 1994 to combat increasingly high rates of teen pregnancy in our state. Our mission is to improve the health and economic well being of individuals, communities, and the state of South Carolina by preventing teen pregnancy."

Visit their website here.
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