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In the Classroom



For : Kindergarten - Elementary
Students of Darlington County

Reading Taught By : Kim Odom

Social-Emotional Taught By : Tracy Redfearn

Music & Art Taught By : Howard Moore

Math  & Nutrition Taught By : Enna Elias

Movement Taught By : Coker University 


The primary goal of SETT® Students Succeed after-school program is to equip student participants with increases and mastery of core reading, mathematics, social-emotional, nutrition, and leadership skills. When our evidenced based programming skills are applied, the belief of student participants in themselves should increase, all the while, their awareness of their very own unique intra-individual giftedness through arts, music and movement.

There is a $50 activity fee. Scholarships available.

Our instructors pour love, connection, and relationships into participants each week, all the while teaching our students fundamental life skills that can generalize into their homes, schools and community environments. 

Mission : The  mission of our afterschool program is to increase the efficacy and generalization of child participants' rote skills  when they need to apply reading, regulate behaviors and emotion, along with core leadership competence. All the while, addressing high rates of truancy and discipline. 


Beginning Monday,
August 2023 

After-School Sessions
Mondays 3:30 - 5:30

Individual Tutoring Available
Tuesday - Thursdays, Call to arrange.

*Please use the form here to sign up for our tutoring program, "SETT® Students Succeed".

You may submit the form electronically via email to,
submit the form in person, or via USPS to P.O. Box 1257, Hartsville, SC 29551.

For further information, please call Child & Family Resource at 843-917-0495.

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