Loss is a part of life, and is not easy, but our creator has given us
His strength & grace to go through each season as we find hope in the everyday.


All Seasons Healing Hearts Camp is a special day camp offered to children ages 5-18 and their families who have experienced loss or are grieving. Participants have a chance to come together and share about their loss and begin to heal.  Participants discover creative ways of saying goodbye to an old season and embracing a new one through various therapeutic activities. Activities include art, obstacle courses, nature trail walks & pony rides. Most of all, participants will come to know that loss is a part of life, and is not easy, but our creator has given us His strength & grace to go through each season as we find hope in the everyday.

Parents, caregivers, and adult participants come away with a new-found knowledge of how to heal from their own ACE’s. A useful toolbox might include stages of grief, new language, listening skills and new ways to build relationships within the home.

The staff & volunteers working with All Seasons Healing Hearts Camp are : social workers, school psychologists, physicians, chaplains, LPCs, LPES, Interns [Coker College, Francis Marion University], Medical Staff [ Nurses, OT’s & PT’s ] and trained volunteers.

To register for All Seasons Healing Hearts Camp 2019, please call Child and Family Resource Foundation at 843.917.0495 or mail in an application (found below).

You must fill out a registration form in order to participate.

All Seasons Healing Hearts Camp to be held : October 12-13, 2019
10-12-2019 : 10:00am - 5:00pm (Lunch will be served)
10-13-2019 : 2:30pm - 6:00pm

Volunteer Training Saturday, September 21, 2019 - 9:00 am - 12:00pm

Full Life Victory Center | 405 E. Bobo Newsom Hwy, Hartsville, SC

$25.00 per participant



Since the mid to late 1990's our country has frequently referred to the ACE study, otherwise known as, "The Adverse Childhood Experiene" body of literature that indicated how childhood stress & trauma have been linked to negative academic, occupational, physical, behavioral and mental health outcomes. Furthermore, the ACE study has laid the foundational work to recognize, and instill hope, awareness, coupled with support due to the impact of traumatic events, grief, and loss in our children and their families.

All Seasons Healing Hearts Camp believes that when young people and their families come together in a positive climate and are able to express themselves with the help of trained professional, these families and children can develop healthy coping skills that will help them in their journey to find a place of rest.

Through increased awareness, resources, and support grieving children can once again find hope and see life as full of exciting possibilities.

All Seasons Healing Hearts Camp 2018

There are no words for how you feel when you get to play with children all day! 
Thank you to everyone in our community who helped us still make the vision of camp possible.


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 “Hope it's a good thing maybe the best of things and a good thing never dies."  What is Grief Camp, as one of the families that has been so blessed by it, in its simplest form HOPE. A place for hope to take root for the journey of healing. Through this camp children and their families, just like ours, are given a strategic day of care and refreshment. It's like love and hope are being poured from a pitcher into your heart. It is safe haven to share, sometimes even without words - yet through the beautiful tools of nature, art, horses and music , refreshment and healing flow. This camp will be a mile marker in many lives of a sweet place for the hurting heart to find help, hope and healing.”



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