Fundraising Chair


I moved to Hartsville around 2004 and got Married soon after to my current Husband

Keith Chafin, a Hartsville native and current CFO with North Industrial Machine. I also

work at North Industrial Machine in Accounting. I have helped in different capacities with

local charitable and non-profit organizations through the years including The Women’s

League of Hartsville, North Hartsville Baptist Church, Pee Dee Coalition & The Soup

Kitchen to name a few.

I have always had a desire to help people with a specific compassion for children. When

I learned more about Child and Family Resource Foundation, I knew that I needed to

help in the overall wellness of children, as the mission states. Children are the

foundation of our future, and each child deserves to know they are loved and valued. If

we can change one child’s future path for the better, then we have had a lifetime effect

on that child.

I am a QuickBooks certified pro-advisor and trainer. I have also completed training and

certification classes through The Love and Logic Institute as well as the Loving on

Purpose academy.

My husband and I live in Hartsville, including our 2 children who currently attend

Emmanuel Christian School, and we are all members of North Hartsville Baptist Church.