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Liaison to First Baptist Church


Emily Phillips is a Hartsville, SC, native. She is a graduate of Furman University. Emily owned and operated Burry Bookstore for over twenty years. She was previously the Director of Campus Retail Operations at Coker University until January 2022 and is currently the STEM Foundations Program Coordinator at South Carolina's Governor's School of Science & Mathematics. She and her husband, Clark, have two adult daughters. Her hobbies include reading, tennis, and playing the piano. She is an active member of First Baptist Church.

"I have always had a heart for children and young people. I majored in Psychology in college and worked for the Department of Mental Health my first two years out of college. Although I did not continue working in the mental health field, I have served children, youth, and their families in different capacities over my adult life. I owned Burry Bookstore for 24 years and regularly hosted events, and activities, and reading groups for children to promote literacy.
Through my involvement on the Board of Child and Family Resource Foundation I look forward to the opportunity to serve children and families in our community. I want to offer hope to those facing difficult circumstances because so many people offered hope and resources to me and my family."

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